Empowering Early Learners: The 4K and 5K Advantage at All Saints Catholic School

At All Saints Catholic School in Kenosha, Wisconsin, our passion extends beyond academic excellence to nurturing every aspect of a child’s development. Our commitment to a comprehensive educational experience begins with our esteemed 4K and 5K programs, which are more than just a stepping stone in a child’s academic journey. We aim to instill a lifelong passion for learning, deeply rooted in the core values of faith, values, and rigor, setting the stage for your child’s educational and personal growth.

As an award-winning Catholic institution in Kenosha, we take pride in guiding your family through a faith-based educational journey that spans from early childhood through 8th grade. Our approach is unique, combining rigorous academics with spiritual depth. This dual focus equips our students not only for the challenges of today but also lays the foundation for a lifetime of virtuous living and learning.

Living Catholic Values

Our unique approach to integrating Catholic values into daily learning distinguishes us. Our students grow not only academically but also spiritually, learning to live out the virtues of faith, values, and rigor through their actions, inspired by the example of Jesus.

Cognitive Growth: More Than Child’s Play

The 4K and 5K years are crucial for brain development. Structured learning activities in these early stages are designed to enhance neural connections, laying the groundwork for critical cognitive skills in the future. Our 4K and 5K programs use intentional, play-based learning to spark curiosity and encourage children to become enthusiastic learners, exploring and understanding the world around them.

Emotional and Social Development

The ability to interact, share, and cooperate with others is just as vital as academic learning. Our 4K and 5K programs emphasize these social skills, offering a supportive environment where children can learn to express and manage their emotions positively. This focus is essential for personal development and building meaningful relationships.

Foundations of Language and Literacy

Our 4K and 5K curriculums immerse children in language-rich activities, including reading, storytelling, and dynamic conversations. Early exposure to language is crucial for developing a robust vocabulary, enhancing comprehension, and laying the foundation for solid literacy skills, essential for future academic achievements.

Early Math and Numeracy Skills

Introducing basic math concepts in an engaging and enjoyable manner is a key component of our 4K and 5K programs. Through playful and interactive activities, children learn about numbers, shapes, and measurements, setting the stage for more complex mathematical concepts down the line.

Physical Development

The physical well-being of our students is as important as their academic progress. Our 4K and 5K programs offer a variety of activities designed to improve both fine and gross motor skills, ensuring that children develop the physical agility and confidence needed for healthy growth.

Independence and Self-Confidence

We believe in the importance of nurturing independence and self-confidence from an early age. Our 4K and 5K programs provide a nurturing environment that encourages children to undertake simple tasks, make decisions, and explore their interests, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-assurance.

The 4K and 5K programs at All Saints Catholic School offer more than an academic beginning; they provide a holistic educational experience that shapes well-rounded, capable, and spiritually grounded learners. Enrolling your child in our 4K or 5K program is the first step toward a comprehensive educational journey that prepares them for a successful and fulfilling life ahead.

We understand that choosing your child’s school is an important decision. We are committed to providing you with valuable information, allowing you to make a confident, informed decision.

Family Testimonials

Ascs Thillens Testimonial

“We are the Thillens Family! This is our 4th year at ASCS and we couldn’t be happier! Our oldest son, Tucker attended ASCS for 7th and 8th grade and has since moved up to high school. Cameron started in 4K and is currently a 2nd grader in Mrs. Fleming’s class. We continue to be blessed to attend ASCS. The staff, students, and faith-filled community are why we continue to send our children to ASCS! Our favorite part of ASCS is that we know our children will be given the best educational experience and will grow in their faith in God.”

ASCS Schellinger Family

“We are the Schellinger Family! We have been at All Saints Catholic School for 8 years; since our oldest, Lauren, 7th grade, attended kindergarten. Claire, our 3rd grader, has also attended All Saints since kindergarten. We have been very pleased with our experience at All Saints and wouldn’t want to send our children to school anywhere else!

All Saints has greatly impacted our children and our family. We have witnessed our daughters grow in their faith, develop social and leadership skills, flourish in academics and make long-lasting friendships. Also, the All Saints teachers, staff and administration are top-notch! They have guided, educated, nurtured and cared for our daughters in such a way that will set them on a great course for high school, post-secondary education and years beyond.”