Grade 3

Web 3rd Grade Nativity Play

In third grade the academic program becomes more rigorous with an emphasis on reading to learn rather than learning to read. This shift requires the children to develop a higher level of independence and autonomy over the learning process. The children utilize small and whole group instruction, reading and math centers, and work on larger research based projects.

  • Students learn special Catholic prayers.
  • At Christmas time, students perform a Nativity play.
  • Third grade students perform essential parts of our All Saints Day Mass and activities.

Grade 4

Intermediate 4th Grade

In fourth grade students are acting with more independence and confidence. They begin to consider moral questions in terms of motives and consequences. Students carry out scientific investigations, study the state of Wisconsin, read and discuss novels, and become accustomed to longer writing assignments. Religious instruction has a reflective component drawing the children into a deeper and more personal relationship with Jesus.

  • Grade 4 students become big buddies in our school-wide buddy program.
  • Students begin studying Spanish language.
  • Fine Arts receive greater focus, as students select either Band, Orchestra, or Choir instruction.
  • Our students enjoy learning from a weekly pastor visit.

Grade 5

Web 5th Grade Boys

Fifth graders experience a hands-on approach to learning scientific concepts and focus on how science is conducted in the real world. They learn about the exploration, settlement, and expansion of the United States. They continue developing their math and reading skills, explore the author’s purpose, compare and contrast ideas, and write narratives and opinion pieces.

  • Students continue their study of Spanish and choose either Band, Orchestra or Choir instruction.
  • Students are more reflective and make decisions independent of adults.
  • Students learn the D.A.R.E. decision making model to assist them in their growing independence.
  • Students are supported as they experience the rapid physical and emotional changes of puberty.

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